In-Person Exam Workflow

A exam for a Technical or General Class will take app. 45 minutes and for the Extra Class you will need an hour. But notice there is no time limit for a license exam only for the whole exam session.

If you are using any blank sheets for calculations etc. you have to write the FRN or SSN and your name on top of the sheet. You have to hand in these scratch sheets together with the your answer sheet.

You have to switch off your mobile phones during the exam. You can use a non-programmable scientific electronic calculator with memories. You have to clear the memories before the exam starts.

Fill out the answer sheet form with name, address, email address, FRN, your test design number (shown on the front page of the test booklet) and circle the test element (2 for Technician, 3 for General, 4 for Extra).

Please mark the correct answers not with a cross or a check. Fill out the circle with a pencil and not with a ballpen, so you can use a rubber for corrections if needed. Do not write anything on the test booklet. This is very important because the booklets will be used for further test sessions.

Then you got the the test booklet and the exam form you can not leave the room. It is only permitted to leave the room after you finished one exam. If you will have any question while the exam feel free to ask the Volunteer Examiners (VEs).

If you are ready with your test bring the test booklet, the answer sheet and the scretch sheets – if you have any – to the VEs. If you passed the VEs will ask you if you are interesting in another exam.

If you passed and finished you will get a CSCE-Form as a confirmation. After app. 10 days the license should be available in the ULS of the FCC.