Online Exam Registration

If you got an appointment and the registration link for an exam session join the registration Web site.


Click on "Register" and follow the further registration procedure.


Use exactly the same name, postal address and E-mail address - including exactly the same lowercase/uppercase - like for your FRN registration at the FCC Web-site. This is very important. It is also important to do no address validation so please click on "Continue without validated address".


Answer the "felony" question ( ... felony by any US state or federal court?).


Also you will be asked for you FRN. If all data is completed you will be asked for checking all the date. Be sure that all information is correct.

If there is an error page apear after the finalization of the registration precess please write us a E-mail and do NOT repeat the registration without any request from us.

Photo ID

If you are not a german citizen we need a copy of your passport (the page showing your picture and your name). For german citizen a german ID card (Personalausweis) is valid. It is necessary to show the passport or ID card also while the exam.

Data Protection

You have to sign an approval document (because of the general data protection regulation of the European Union) that we can handle your personal data and that we are allowed to record a video of the exam for the ARRL archive for documentation purposes: [Datenschutzerklärung | PDF]

Please fill out the form, sign it and scan the signed document and send it to us via Email als picture file JPG or PDF file.

Exam Fee

Before the exam you will get a notice from us to pay 15 US$ for the exam. Please pay by use the option "family and friends". Please do not send any money before requested by email. Notice that no refunds are given for missed exams, equipment failure or any other reason.