Our VE Team


Photo from left to right: Tom AC2HM, Peter N9DAK (team lead), Hartmut AB1RZ

Here the list of our VE team members in callsign order ...

  • AB1RZ | DK3NU, Hartmut Bielka (Extra)
  • AC2HM | DL1HBT, Thomas Milde (Extra)
  • AF3OA | DF3OA, Ingmar von Harten (Extra)
  • AG5ZI | DG7DK, Andree Moser (Extra)
  • K5XAT | DL5XAT, Holger Binder (Extra)
  • N9DAK | DL9DAK, Peter Kaminski (Extra)
  • NS9O | DL3HAH, Dr. Kai Hübener (Extra)

An a few more VEs supporting us on the exam sessions on the FUNKTAG.

We are starting as a VE group in 2015 ...

61 Session (20 in-person / 41 online)
170 Candidates
274 Exams

Overview about all exams ...