Exam FUNK.TAG Kassel

15th April 2023 (Saturday), 11.30 AM - 02.00 PM

A pre-register for the exam is neccessary via our Web form:  [pre-registration online form].
We are closing the pre-registration on 27th March 2023.

You will find more information about the exam here: [In-Person-Exam]

No fair ticket is necessary for the exam. Please wait at the meeting point at 11.30 AM and we will bring you to the room there the exam is held.

Please notice that you have to buy a ticket for the FUNK.TAG Kassel if you are interested in visiting the FUNK.TAG Kassel fair before the exam starts or for visits after the exam.

Exam Location:

Messe Kassel, Damaschkestra├če 55, 34121 Kassel, Germany
Eingangshalle, Raum 2 (may change)

If you have any question please use our [contact form].