License Exam

Federal Registration Number (FRN)

We propose to get an Federal Registration Number (FRN) from the FCC first. You can get one from the FCC's Commission Registration System (CORES) and you will also supplied with a password. If you got your license you have access to the Universal License System (ULS) with that password and so you can print out your original license copy by yourself.

Walk-in or Pre-registration

In some exams you have to pre-register and in other, special exams held at conventions, there are Walk-ins allowed. If a pre-registration is necessary this will be published in the ARRL's exam database. So read all about the specified exam carefully.

Exam Day

Please bring following items with you:

  • If you have a US license and you will upgrade your licence you have to bring the original license and also a photo copy of them or a valid CSE from the last exam.
  • A photo identification card like a passport or a driver license is necessary (please with a photocopy).
  • A filled out Quick-Form 605 (filled out with Adobe Acrobat Reader) is helfull.
  • For each exam session you have to pay 15 US$. In Germany most of the exam organisators accept also Euros. If you failed you have to pay again 15 US$ if you will do a second try.
  • A pen, pencil, rubber, blank papers and a calculator (no smart phones or programmable calculators are allowed).

US Postal Address

Very important is that you need a US postal address for receiving letters from the FCC. This address can be the home from a friend, family or a company or one of the mailing services offered my a few companies like